November 8, 2013 flamesqu_dev

Our Trip in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is becoming one of New York City’s hot spots to visit. With historic neighborhoods, a fabulous food scene, and some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, this is a great place to add to your New York itinerary.

Brooklyn is enormous. I recently read a statistic that if Brooklyn were a separate city, it would be the third most populated city in the United States (after Los Angeles and Chicago). However, since it is one of the five boroughs, it gets added into the mega city of New York.

Since Brooklyn is so large, it’s impossible to visit all of it in just one day. This one day itinerary focuses on the neighborhood of Williamsburg and the areas along the East River philadelphia cleaning service. Think of today as a mini food tour combined with some of the best views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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